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Cake Fillings -- Must refrigerate or no?

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So...looking at a lemon filling, and a raspberry, a white chocolate ganache, and chocolate these have to be refrigerated once they are in the cake? 


Recipe A for lemon filling:

Recipe B for lemon filling:


Cake Boss recipe for Raspberry filling...and still working on the white chocolate ganache/milk chocolate ganache for the other two.


Planning to bake cakes one day, fill & ice the cakes the next, and tier/deliver cakes the next. 


We're serving 150 people...I don't want anyone to get sick.  I'm pretty sure the Raspberry is fine, but not sure about the Lemon or the ganache.  If the ganache has to be...I'll just go with flavored buttercreams (white chocolate & milk chocolate)

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Your lemon filling recipes both have egg.  In some US states these may not even be considered for sale by home bakers.  In any case they MUST remain at below 40'F (chilled filled cake can remain on bench just long enough to be iced, chilled again then decorated).


Ganache contains cream--which is also prohibited in baked goods sold from home by some US state food regs (California is the most recent addition). 


Bottom line--read your state food regs before you even ask.


FYI the commercial sleeve fillings contain sugar, water, corn starch, acid, artificial colour and flavour, as well as potassium sorbate preservative.  I call them "chemistry set" goods--nothing natural at all present in them to go bad.

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As an FYI, I'm not selling anything... God help me, I don't need another job.  This is a purely volunteer effort.

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IMHO, All of your recipes are fine at room temperature.  Ganache is not a perishable and is completely fine at room temperature for days and days and days.  Irene, it is NOT on the :"can't use list" from home bakers in CA.  I know - I live here.  Stop posting that nonsense.  (Sorry OP, not to threadjack).


The pH of both lemon recipes will be above 4.6 so they won't grow bacteria like a petri dish, but they can break down and taste funky if not refrigerated.  If you plan on refrigerating overnight between filling/decorating etc it will be fine.  If you plan on not refrigerating your cake at all for 3 days you should look for another recipe.

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