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PS3 Cake help

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I am making a PS3 cake for this weekend.  I've never done one before.  Any advise as to whether its easier to make the controller out of cake or modelling chocolate?

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Hey Gordismom,

     I would say it depends on how big the PS3 Controller is supposed to be. I've made the controller all cake when it was pretty big but when I'm doing the controller and the console together, it tends to be much smaller so I usually make it out of rice krispies. I've attached two examples here. Shaping really small cakes and then covering them in marshmallow fondant usually takes me way longer than it needs to :) I hope that helps!


Happy caking!


Salt Cake City


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Thank you so much. That is very helpful.  They look great.  I completely forgot about the rice krispies.  When you work with the rice krispies, how do you make it so its sturdier?  I've done several things with the rice krispies and it always seems to be too soft. 

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If it's going to be big, I make a batch but don't add butter (so just melted marshmallows and rice krispies). Otherwise, I use premade packaged rice krispies because they're usually harder than when I make them. Then, I coat it in buttercream and put it in the fridge to harden up. Cover it in marshmallow fondant, and then back in the fridge. I hope that helps :)

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