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 I don't want to spend the little bit of a profit that I will make on making her different combinations of cakes & fillings. Should I just tell her that I can't do the cake? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!

You shouldn't think of any tasting as a bunch of layer cakes.  It makes a lot more sense to give people some neat chunks of just cake and some teaspoonfuls of the different icings and/or fillings that you would recommend.  You put them neatly onto a white dinner plate and give them a real fork, that makes more of a difference. Let them mix and match.


And for your home based business, bake up a dozen mini cupcakes of each basic flavour when you are making the cake for any customer, and freeze them.  Instant cake tasting stock.


So this particular customer wants your work for free. WHY do you think you should work for FREE???  Please--your state has a minimum wage law and you should be asking at least minimum wage for your time. And when people comment on your prices, you say "sorry, minimum wage applies".

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I only offer tastings for wedding cakes. Period. If someone would like to try a flavor before an order, I will reduce my minimum order $ and allow them to purchase an assortment of cupcakes (their choice on flavors/fillings, no minimum). I charge $2/cupcake and only offer discounts on cupcakes when they order 4 dozen or more :) Stick with prices that will actually allow you to enjoy what you are doing and not make you bitter that you are doing a ton of work for little money. :)

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