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what is the real red velvet flavor?

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Hi everybody.

I'm new in the cake world and I've been ask to do a red velvet cake. I have never baked one before so I found a recipe from the Pioneer woman website that I think will work. I tasted and its good but too soft and I got some feedback from my friends and they say that it has to be more dark red (I used 1.5oz of food colorant) and it has to taste more like chocolate. I have compared other recipes and they only add around 1 to 7 teaspoon of cocoa powder and they change between shorting and butter or vegetable oil.. So what it's really red velvet cake? what kind of flavor and ingredients should it have?



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Hi, i am sending you a link to one i make alot. I have made red velvet for years. I sometimes us the cream cheese icing, and then again i will make the flour icing(which is the original icing for red velvet cake. Then google bobby flays red velvet( showdown cake) google cake man raven red  velvet cake( delicious) and the google silvia's red velvet cake(it will come up on emerils site. It is very delicious also. There is another one i will send also. got to find it. They really don,t taste too chocolate. The ones i make don,t anyway, some are redder that others. That of course depends on how much red color you use. I usually use about 2 oz. So give these a try or even look at the  reviews on them. hth

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this is a great cream cheese icing to use for wedding cakes. Since i saw it on a thread , that is all  i use. It is from carmijok. please try it, you will love it. My regular c/c icing is softer, but delicious. hth

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Hey , this is another r/v cake recipe. It is more like the ones i make. The flour icing is the original icing and also so delicious on this cake. the cream cheese is also delicious. I have sent you the c/c by carmijok. please try these recipes to see what you think of them. They taste different to every one. It is not suppose to taste so much like a chocolate cake. It is different. and then some are redder that others. I have tried them(cakeman raven and sylvia's) and they are really good too. I will try bobby flays soon. it really looks delicious!!! hth

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Thank you so much a definitely going to try these recipes..
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