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Pink Champagne Filling Recommendation

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Hello All


Hope you all have a wonderful week.


I am hoping to ask you all for your great advice.


I am going to be baking the pink champagne cake recommended by this forum.


Can I please ask, what filling has worked well for you all?


Which filling just dazzles your clients especially brides?


Thank you in advance for being so helpful.


--Monica Melgoza

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Your choice of fillings will depend on local factors.


A good combination is cake and buttercream BOTH containing pink champagne.  But if your bride or your community does not accept alcohol, then that option is out.


Do some local homework at bakeries, asking if they sell pink champagne cake and what fillings they sell with it. Pretend to be a bridezilla asking about your own party...and check their prices while you are at it.


You should also buy a few dram bottles of the LorAnn champagne flavour (online if not at local Michaels) because that stuff added a drop at a time gives a little boost to any pink champagne recipe.

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I just made a pink champagne cake this weekend but I used Prosecco since it was an experiment and not for anyone but me and my husband!  I used the crusting bc recipe and replaced all the liquid (water, vanilla and almond flavoring ) with less than 1/4 c of Prosecco and a splash of water combined.  I mixed it in until it was the right consistency for me to ice between layers and outside.  I didn't want the overwhelming taste of the liquor but I didn't know what other flavorings might complement and not clash.


Interested to see what others say...



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When I made a pink champagne cake, I used raspberry filling and everyone loved it.  I would be interested to see what other people are using to fill theirs.

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I absolutely love pink champagne cake; it's definitely one of my very favorites to make. I use pink champagne when making the cake and add just a drop of food coloring to the batter to give it a very pastel pink shade. When making a 'double' batch, there is still some champagne left. I very gently simmer this on the stove top until it is reduced and 'syrupy.' Then, after cooling, I add this to my favorite buttercream recipe, along with vanilla. The buttercream made this way is very good, not too sweet, and perfectly compliments the cake.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill
We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill
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What goes better with champagne than strawberries?


I've done a pink champagne cake before.  I torted it and filled with vanilla buttercream and a thin layer of seedless strawberry jam between each layer.  It tasted great and looked pretty too.

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Besides a filling with fresh or preserved strawberries or raspberries, a filling with poached pears is very gourmet-like as well. It does not add any special effect to the colors, but it is a very sophisticated filling and goes perfect with champagne.

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