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painting cookies help!!!

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Hello, i recently painted some designs on my sugar cookies and it did not dry properly. I flooded the cookies with royal icing and let them dry overnight, i mixed gel food color with equal parts vodka and painted my designs. It came out really pretty but 3 days later the designs are still not competely dry... I'm wondering if i would have better luck if i covered my cookies with fondant and paint on that? Any advise will help, this is my first time painting cookies! Thank you. icon_smile.gif
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Nobody has any experience painting on cookies? That is very discouraging :(

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Welcome to the forum.  Although I have not tried to paint royal icing cookies, I have painted fondant. 


Recently I took a wonderful class at Susan Carberry's Cake Cottage in Southern California.  She had a guest instructor who was teaching "One Stroke Painting".  The instructor, Suzanne Wallman, used straight (not diluted), Americolor gel food colors on fondant discs.


Here is a link to the Susan Carberry site where you can see photos of the painted fondant discs.


Be sure to scroll forward to see all 7 photos in this set:

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Thank you so much for responding! This is my first post and this seems to be a wonderful and informative site for a beginner decorator like me! Thanks for the link, those paintings were beautiful! I am going to try fondant instead of royal icing and use straight food color gel. :) 

post #5 of 10 has a free tutorial all about painting on fondant

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I've never painted on royal icing, but I have on glace icing using different food colorings (mostly Wilton) and  they have dried no problem. In the summer or in humid weather they do take up to 24 hours to dry.

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Check out this video, I was at Cookie Con and it was a highlight to see her in action.


She said that she uses paste food colors rather than gel, that they work better for her.  She puts the color on a palette, lets them dry and then uses like water colors. 

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I'm no expert.Your problem is not the surface you're painting on,it's that your paint won't dry.I've had the same problem.The gel was the problem.When I switched to the grocery store water coloring,it worked better.BUT....I like cocoa butter painting on my cookies and cakes.There is no drytime to speak of.By using the powdered chocolate colors you can make it as saturated (dark or light) as you like. I think you will like the results.

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What is cocoa butter painting?? Sounds fascinating....

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Maybe someone can help me.  I heard about painting using cocoa butter, and gave it a try yesterday just painting letters on signs to place on my cake.  I used food coloring powders and melted cocoa butter.  My signs were made of candy clay.  When I picked up one tonight, it had not dried at all.  Is it the candy clay?  Thanks for any help!

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