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Buttercream piping on buttercream cake

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Is there a specific buttercream frosting recipe that I should use when piping on a buttercream cake? I want to pipe a paisley design and scroll work.
Thank you!!
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this is a great usable recipe.  Give it a try.  I used it for years.


As posted it does NOT crust but a 'fix' is mentioned at the end:)
A smooth, easy to use

buttercream icing for all your cakes.


Amount Ingredient
2 cups butter
2 cups shortening
2 pounds powdered sugar
2 Tablespoons flavoring


2 of Everything Icing directions:

In KA mixer (best) mix together butter and shortening for at least 5 minutes. Add about 1/3 of the sugar; mix 5-10 minutes; add another 1/3 of the sugar, along with the flavoring, mixing 5 minutes; add the remaining sugar and mix 5-10 minutes until smooth.
There is NO liquid needed in this recipe.
Flavorings can be *ANY!* combination you want. What I used mostly is: 1 part vanilla; 1/2 part butter flavoring and 1/4 part almond. A "Part" can be any measure you want. Do you make many, many cakes? Mix it up by the cupfull; OR if for only one cake/icing use teaspoons as the 'part'/measure.
Don't like almond? Use lemon OR orange OR whatever you want. But, please do try it as stated at least once:)
I had a friend who didn't like almond but after trying it once just added an additional 1/4 tsp lemon and was happy w/it.
Want this icing to crust? Reduce either the butter OR the shortening by 1 cup OR reduce *both* by 1/2 cup.
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No, you just have to make sure it's the right consistency.  If you want to do line work or scrolls, you should have it thin. 

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Thank you so much for your replies! I can't wait to try that buttercream!
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I normally use the same buttercream recipe that I use to frost my cakes, but I thin it slightly with corn syrup.  It makes it a little smoother and more elastic.  Pipes really nice.

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i use royal to pipe a scroll or other thin lined design onto buttercream. i like the contrast and find that it's a little more durable than buttercream against the heat of my  hands, and mistakes are easier to fix, as well.

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I gave heard that royal will melt on buttercream. Is that not the case?
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I have never had it melt and I have also made decor from RI and found that it maintained it's rock hard consistency.

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..............heard that royal will melt on buttercream...........


Yes, and no :)

Pre made royal decorations usually do o.k.  One can raise it off the b'cream slightly so it won't actually touch the b'cream (much) which helps.

I have used some royal items and some do o.k. others don't.  Small, thin flowers (like apple blossoms etc) tend to soften a bit and white ones can discolor but they won't melt into a puddle :)  Roses do just fine. See the difference between roses & blossoms - how roses are thick and blossoms are thin? 

I've even used royal  to pipe string work . 

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