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Thanks everyone. I feel better now and it seems to be holding. Yea!
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That's good to hear. it's a very cute design :) If I understand correctly, you used a fruit filling which is the reason for the dam? I've finally come to the point where I make the dam so thick it would hold up an elephant. As mentioned above, I place it about a half inch inside the rim of the cake. The weight of the fondant is not going to push this down and it doesn't spread much at all, so I squirt icing all around the gap and then ice the cake all over. The cakes sit out about 5 hours (no wieghts) and are then popped in the frig over night.  Stacked and decorated the next day.


The one I was most nervous about was a steep 5-7-9 stack with rapsberry filling on every tier, but it turned out great even though it was delivered an hour away. I didn't use SPS, just  skinny wooden dowels for support.



Here a pic of the time it happened to me - I wanted to cry and I didn't charge them for the cake.






And here's the other cake full of homemade raspberry filling - it get's better! Experience helps - we've all been there.



Oh, and then there was this driver had an minor accident, well it was major for the cake. I can almost laugh about it now. Almost...

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It's so cute and guests will be noticing all the bright colors - wouldn't have even noticed anything if you hadn't pointed it out.  Whatever you do don't mention it to the customer.  She'll be over the moon with the design.  And yes, refrigeration will halt any movement tonight and during delivery.  Sleep well.  You did a great job.

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Your cake beautiful! I had one do that to me (it's the one on my profile) and it drove me crazy. It never moved after it formed. I'm sure your mothe to be will love it.
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