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MTC is short for Make The Cut, a 3rd party software for cutter machines.  Sure Cuts a Lot, which Elbow642 mentioned, is a similar software and sometimes referred to as SCAL.  I believe the most recent editions of MTC and SCAL are no longer compatible with the Cricut machines.  If you were hoping to not rely on cartridges, this would be another disadvantage for purchasing a Cricut.  The Silhouette, I think, includes software that is similar to MTC and SCAL.  Silhouette owners, is that right?  I don't have the Silhouette, but I use my Cricut with an older version of SCAL.

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Correct, the new versions are not compatible with the cricut cake.  If you search, though, you can still find some copies of the version that does work online.  Etsy is where I purchased mine and it works like a charm!  I can cut anything I want, and the software is super easy to use. 

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I also am happy with my cricut.  Having had the paper cutting cricut for years I already had plenty of cartridges (you don't have to use just the cake ones, any cricut cartridge will work) and I also have an older version of SCAL and also an older version of Fairy Cuts.  If you go onto cricut craftroom, each week they also have free cuts for you to try.

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I went to Etzy and found the Sure cuts a lot and scal2 ...Its $50 and I dont want to spend that kind of money and then it wont work on my cricut. Do you know if these will work or not? Thanks 

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Originally Posted by Smash Cakery View Post

Linda McClure has information on her website on how to do this, with the sillhouette. The cricut cake is totally sub par to the sillhouette. I have read in several tutorials that cutting fondant with a cricut/silhouette isnt recommended, but if you do decide to do it, you need to roll out the fondant thinly on a Crisco covered mat. Then, let the fondant sit out for about 20 minutes to harden up. This technique won't work with MMF. The machine works best with gumpaste and sugar sheets, sold at icing Good luck!

I just wanted to say that I use my cricut cake with MMF all the time with great success.  The key is to roll it very thin and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.  You can also stick the mat in the freezer for 5 mins or so after I roll out the MMF, then straight into the cricut. Also, make sure that you clean the blade after EVERY cut.  Even the tiniest bit of anything on that blade can drag and mess up a cut.

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So good to know!!! I'll try it soon. I make my own MMF, so it's definitely worth a shot.
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