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Name of business help

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Good Morning,


I am new to cake decorating but have already sold several cakes. Not having any training I didn't think I could sell them but friends started requesting cakes icon_biggrin.gif. Since then I have been struggling with a name as the word is spreading and feel tacky writing my name on a piece of paper with my number. I plan to make business cards but have been stuck on a name.  Some info on me......I am a 44yr old who is the primary caregiver to my 93yr old Nana. Have 2 dogs LOVE Hello Kitty, anything pink, shoes and anything outdoors and zen. My friends say I dress like a hippie and was born in the wrong time. Ha ha very true. I am married with 2 grown boys (youngest is 21). Any suggestions would help.

Thank you in advance for any help.



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Why not Bad Kittie Kakes?

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I said that and my friends all said it sounded like something you find in the bottom of the litter box haha! Funny it is what my bff calls me.....make you think. Is she calling me a poopie? lol

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Oh I don't know I sort of think of it as a personality thing, like someone with a little flair.  Maybe you could make a brand with a black kitty sitting in a pink shoe or something?  Then it wouldn't be so litter box related?

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Cute idea thanksicon_wink.gif

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Whatever name you come up with, make sure you check your state/municipality for the legal guidelines. Can you run this business from home? Do you have to have a separate kitchen/facility? How do you get licensed in FL? It's not worth starting an illegal retail food establishment... and paying for business cards, etc., and then being shut down by the "powers that be".  Those things aside, enjoy the journey! Cake design/decorating is such a wonderful art!

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