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freeze a cake

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Hi i need to freeze a 6' cake should i freeze it filled and cover in icing or not?


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There are lots of differing opinions of freezing.  My opinion is that you could freeze the separate layers or freeze it filled and crumb coated.  I have also successfully frozen fully decorated cakes (white rose swirl cakes).  A cake that small you could use any plastic storage container that it would fit in.  Or you could freeze it to make it firm then stick in a zip lock bag or plastic wrap.  Lots of ways to do it.

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I just froze a 12", 9" and 6" tiers for my golden anniversary. I had to do this so my husband would not see it. I surprised him this week end with a party at church. I wrapped each tier in their box and then wrapped the box with heavy foil. I had iced and filled with smbc and strawberry filling(fresh) and it was really moist and very good for the party. everyone enjoyed it. hth

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Absolutely.  I made a double layer 9x13 iced in American buttercream for someone last year.  Their child got sick and they had to delay the party until the next weekend.  They wrapped the box twice in plastic wrap, then again in foil.  They said it tasted like it had been freshly baked.

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Thank you so much ladies!

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