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good to hear.  I'm a hobby baker too and don't do many cakes but it's all a learning process with each one.  Trial and error, we all learn.  Luckily, there is a massive network of cake decorators around to help and learn from.

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I just made the red MMF recipe and it's FANTASTIC! I'm a hobby baker and have avoided making red anything because of all the issues people suffer. This red MMF could not have been any more simple to put together and I was almost giddy when I realized that I had conquered my fear of disasterous fondant coloring. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I pinned it to my pinterest board also. Thank you again!

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I haven't done it but I've read about using red jello fondant to get a bright red.
Sarah K Walsh
Sarah K Walsh
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Originally Posted by LisaKinVA View Post

I must be doing something wrong with got dry, and had an alligator-ish look to the fondant.  the colors and flavors were GREAT.  I sifted the PS, and didn't come close to using 2lbs of PS in the mixture (it was a bit on the tacky side when I greased it and wrapped it up for the night).  Should I have used it right away?  My daughter and I nearly had fits trying to roll that thing out in the morning.  I didn't use too much Crisco (just in the bowl, and on my hands when I was getting it ready to wrap).  OH, and the red candy melts did NOT melt like your photo.  I did get them to mix into the Marshmallows fine, but they were one big clump.  I used the melts from Hobby Lobby.  Next time, I'll get the Merkens, I think.

I don't do this type of thing all the time...but I'll probably be making a couple of fondant covered cakes in the not too distant future (if not a 3-tier sucker).  How much fondant do I need for a 14" round tier? (14, 10, and 6).  You can see our project below.  We were originally going to cover the letters in MMF...but didn't make enough and didn't have time to get what we needed and finish in time.  This was plan B.  Buttercream with MMF/tinted with melts as decoration.




How didv you get this nice red color? I am needing this not a bright red.
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She added red Wilton candy melts to marshmallow fondant.
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I need spider man face..and can't get exact red , how to paint the fondant?
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AmeriColor food colorings are the best. I always get nice, deep, rich colors with minimal coloring. I will only use these.

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I make MMF and if I have a color like red or black I add gel color (AmeriColor) into the melted marshmallows before adding the powdered sugar.  Doing this always give me rich, dark colors.  In fact, if I have a lot of any certain color to do on a cake I add the coloring first it saves from doing all of that kneading !


This is some red and black I have left over from some cakes earlier in the week.  Sorry about the quality of the pics, but it gives you an idea.

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