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Getting 'glittery' isomalt

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I've not used isomalt before but I'm about to try. I've questions though: I know you can add color  to your isomalt but can I add edible glitter to clear isomalt and stir to get glittery isomalt? Do I sift the glitter onto the clear isomalt while it's drying? Or would I have to buy the ready-made glittery isomalt? And what's a good warmer to keep the isomalt

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i haven't used the newer crystal color brand items


don't think they offer glitters


but the old edible glitter would melt in isomalt or hot sugar


and probably melt if sprinkled on it too but retains itself fairly well on items made with venuance pearls


and as far as i can tell --the already glittered isomalt is recommended for non-edible items


people often use heat lamps to hold the temps


i recommend the non-red bulbs--the glare is glaring ;)


just from the hardware store


(but then i would not eat the isomalt or vp either ;)

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one baker's never ever do is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's never ever do is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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I make some gold butterflies with isomalt this past week end. After the isomalt melted(i used the wilton measuring cups(smallest one) i put a drop of gold sheen americolor airbrush in it. when it settled a  little, i used a tooth pick and stirred it. If i was going to use any glitter i would have sprinkled just a little over the poured butterfly wings then and let it all set up in the mold. I didn,t think about the glitter, that would have been even prettier. hth

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Icer101 did you take any photos of your butterflies? I bet they looked lovely, it would be great to see one to see the effect of the gold sheen. I wonder if you could add luster dust into the isomalt??

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I add luster dust into my isomalt to give it a metallic color. It isn't as metallic as you'd think, but it does look okay. You can put glitter into it but it isn't as sparkly as if it's on the surface. What kind of mold are you using? If you put the glitter in the mold then pour the isomalt in it might work better. This is a picture of the gold luster dust mixed into the isomalt. See how it makes it more opaque? That's the basic effect you'll get with the metallic dusts mixed in. If you paint the surface of the isomalt it will be shiny but it will also make the isomalt look totally opaque, like the flowers and blown sugar balls on this cake (I painted some silver on these)!/photo.php?fbid=10151228875053671&set=pb.92855088670.-2207520000.1358988459&type=3&theater

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The gold sheen (americolor) airbrush spray  color did really great mixed into the isomalt. you put it in as soon as you take it out of the microwave ,(just a drop) let it settle, then stir with tooth pick. I did not take pics of them. i should have. yes, next time i will try to sprinkly some glitter or pixie dust(will not eat) who wants to eat them anyway. ha!! i will sprinkle the dust into the mold , then pour the butterfly wings. You want to juse the vein size up anyway. more prettier that way. I made the body also from isomalt , from a silicone butterfly body mold, then  glued the wings to the body. i was very pleased and got lots of compliments on them.

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This is what gold dust mixed into isomalt looked like for me (the two C shaped swirls): Like costumeczar already mentioned, you don't get the same sparkle when it's mixed into the sugar then you do when it's brushed on.



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Thanks guys. I want to have another go at isomalt stuff. All your results look amazing!

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I have added Rolkem Illusions Glitter to my isomalt before & it really gives it a great crustal/sparkly effect.  I just pour in the tiniest amount when it comes out the microwave & stir through with a toothpick.

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I have actually used Hologram Disco Dust with the clear isomalt sticks when i was making glitzy gems for a tiara for my cousins sweet 16 cake.  I liked the results of it but it worked best sifting the dust as it is cooling.  The only thing is if you try to reheat the isomalt a few times with the disco dust in it will turn the clear isomalt a yellowish color.  Hope this helps.

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