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silicone cupcake cups

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Anyone have any advise about those silicone cupcake liners that are pleated like the paper ones.  I've tried them and the cake sticks to the silicone and a pain to try to eat.  So I tried spraying them and then the cake falls out.  Anybody have any success with these things.icon_mad.gif

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I have never actually used mine for cupcakes... Though, wouldn't you want the cake to come out?  


I actually use chocolate or melts and paint the inside and then let it harden... They peel off rather easily after two coats and a good chilling... pretty little cups for other deserts... I have even layered cake and icing in them and made little layered cuppies sort of...


I also use them to melt things in the microwave when I only need a small amount...

Use them to hold small amounts of ingredients... 


At least they have other uses...

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Yes I do want the cake to come out but not fall out.  When I spray them the cake just falls out pretty messy when little hands try to pick them up.  I would like them to peel off easily like the paper ones.

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I find silicone molds hard to use, I tried making a giant cupcake yesterday for the first time and the base of the cake came out okish but the top part of the cake DIDNT want to come out ok and got stuck! ....... I greased and then floured mine as it said on the instructions.     I have got mini silicone cupcake molds but again, I can't get it so they don't get stuck ....... hope you find some answers as I'll be interested in any tips for this :)

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I generally love silicone cake tins(!) but I hate the cupcake ones for cupcakes.  I only use mine now for making chocolate cases or set desserts that I want to look a bit different.

Oh and I did use them with melt and pour soap once to make soap cupcakes.

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