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Hello Everyone,


My Mother-in-law's 60th birthday party is this weekend and I am making the cake. Her favorite dessert is Tiramisu. I wanted to know if anyone has a good recipe for Tiramisu cake that can be covered in Fondant?? 


Thank you in advance!! 



Heidi B.

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Hi, I hope I'm not too late... I have a great, easy one. It is on my blog, in the search box enter  Petal Cake and it's the post from October 31 2011.


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Just take your favorite white cake recipe, torte into four layers, and soak with coffee mixed with Marsala or another booze of your choice.  Make the mascarpone filling (NOT anything with cream cheese), fill the cake, and then dust each layer of filling with cocoa powder or chocolate shavings.  Here is a recipe you can use for the cream filling:


I personally wouldn't ice this in anything but whipped cream, to maintain the likeness to the original dessert.  But I suppose if you wanted to ice it in buttercream and then cover in fondant, you could.

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Thank you so much. I am definatley going to try both.

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