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Black & White Wedding Cake

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My niece is requesting a black and white wedding cake for March.  The cake will be covered in fondant with crimson red roses on top, black scalloping on two layers around the top edges with graduated dots.  From the picture I can't tell if the decorations are fondant or if they are stenciled.  I'm a little nervouse about using black anything on white.  I have used black fondant before.  Would it be better to stencil or use fondant.  Any suggestions  or ideas would be great and appreciated.




pic kassie cake.doc 40k .doc file
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That's a classy cake. Also VERY easy to finish. 


That scalloping is just piped dots.  Make a pattern from a strip of paper and use a sterile pin to mark the fondant.


Use the commercial black icing in tubes. Put the icing into a small bowl and mix a little corn syrup in to soften it, and then pipe with a #1 tip.  Practise a lot on a cake tin before you do the cake.

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The scallops are piped stringwork accented by piped dots.  PRACTICE piping. The stringwork could also be done with fondant if you have an extruder that can extrude very thin strings. And then just pipe the dots on to accentuate them.

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Very pretty cake!! I am sure with practice your cake will look terrific!!

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