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Originally Posted by AZCouture View Post

I believe there is some reputable vanilla from there, no doubt about it. But it ain't the flimsy plastic bottles with dust all over them with cheaply printed labels in every single little shop and pharmacy in the border towns. 

Yeah, I'm sure you're right. You just really have to look I guess. But yeah, I wouldn't want flimsy bottles either.

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Originally Posted by TheSweetTreat View Post

once again Bluehue, relax.  Why are you assuming I bought indonesian vanilla beans to be cheap? Lolllll, because they do not sell high grade VB's...thats why You have really made a lot of assumptions in your rants. lollllll 

The beans looked in just fine condition when I bought them so why do you keep insisting that I saw a terrible product and bought it anyway? Oh, probably because before you left the country you noticed this......Some were also turning greenish/whitish on me before I even left the country. It's as if you're not really reading what I wrote i surely did..


You realize that people sell beans that are grown in Indo. Well of course they do - isn't that what this thread is all about.....   People speak highly of Indonesian vanilla beans. Lollll, WHO - name one person... if you knew your VB's then you would rethink that sentance.. 


moving on.......................




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Hi K8memphis,


The strength of vanilla extract in the USA is regulated by the FDA.  If you are wishing to make your vanilla extract comparable in strength to that which you can purchase at a store then the ration is as follows: 13.45 ounces of vanilla beans extracted into one gallon of water and 35% alcohol.  This will produce what is called "single fold" or "1x strength" vanilla extract.  To make double fold (2x) you simply keep the the water/alcohol mixture the same and double the vanilla beans to 26.7 ounces.  Of course you may not wish to make a gallon at a time so you just reduce all in proportion. So if you would like to make a quart then you use 1/4 of the vanilla beans specified above.  Vodka really makes the best medium for this. It is already at 35% alcohol and comes in reasonable sizes.  I see that someone else posted 40% alcohol is what they use. There is nothing wrong with this.  The extracts in Canada and Australia seem to be at about this percentage of alcohol. Make sure you chop up the vanilla beans before you put them in the bottle.


Of course it is less expensive to just buy vanilla extract but when you make your own you can experiment with vanilla bean pods from different regions to make different taste profiles.  For example, you mention Nielsen Massey's products (a friendly competitor of ours). They have excellent product but it will have a very different taste profile from our vanilla or another company's offerings.  Many chef's that we work with keep a stock of vanilla from a couple different suppliers.  Although people use the word "vanilla" to mean plain or simple it is actually an extraordinary flavor with amazing complexity and is a joy to experiment with. Enjoy!

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OK gals, I'm getting out my red pen and deleting/editing posts.


Golden rule:  BE NICE.

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Age-regression in progress here, folks.

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Actually, this is getting locked.  I've left in relevant debate points, but all personal attacks and responses to the personal attack has been deleted.

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