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Friday Night Cake Club 1/18/13

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Opening up another session of the FNCC! Everyone on CC is welcome! Tell us what you've been working on and share with us your creations!



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Well, as many of you have also been, our house has been under the blanket of illness for the past week. Good thing January is my "off" month. I take the first two weeks to take a break and the last two weeks I work on demo cakes for that years Bridal shows. Well, that didn't happen this week as I spent all of my time nursing my son and then husband back to health. Tomorrow my son and I leave for a snow camping weekend with Boy Scouts so I was pretty determined to getting them healthy and not fall to the cold that took them both down. Thank goodness it wasn't the flu! 


Our trip is just an overnight so if I get home early enough on Sunday I may still do the demo cake I'd planned just because it's a more simple design but I may well just let this week go and try to catch up and make another demo cake later in the year.


I hope this past week has found all of you doing well and staying healthy!



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Did three birthday cakes for family last Sunday and today whipped up a batch of red velvet cupcakes to try out my new CK crime bouquet flavor in th icing
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Oh my goodness those look yummy! What were all the flavors?

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My whole family has been sick as well...they're all better now and only I am left feeling crummy 😥 but I have still been making gum paste flowers this week (with a mask on) for an upcoming wedding cake...stargazers, sweet peas, filler flowers, stephanotis, briar roses, and 8 million leaves!!!! This bride will be the death of me if I don't get it right!!!
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Is she one of those "nothing impresses me except perfection" type of person? I'm fortunate to never had this in my cake biz but definitely in my party planning biz!

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No, she's the I saw this cake and I want it to be EXACTLY like that one, except I want my sweet peas to be yellow instead of pink, I want briar roses instead of those flowers, I want these to be darker purple and get the idea! 😜
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Hi Cat, 


Sorry to hear you have had an outbreak of Manflu in your house.  I was lucky enough to quarantine off the sick members of the family this week and ban them from visiting. Most of them are pretty good about it as they know I have a compromised immune system as well as not wanting to infect my Mum. 


I am waiting for a couple to turn up for a consult this afternoon , So it was just a defrost of cake samples this morning.  I was really industrious last week and I now have 12 different flavours baked into nice little heart shaped cakes for tasting. It should get me through the next month or so of tastings I hope. 


As far as real caking goes we have started planning our display for the Cake decorating associations big state show for our club , this year the theme is  a Night at the Theatre ,, So we are doing Broadway , it should be fun . 


Hope you all have a great week , 

Cheers from Downunder


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I hear you...most of this past week I spent in one corner of the house, used hand sanitizer all the time and took my vitamins like crazy. I was determined not to get sick. 


It, sadly, never occurred to me to freeze samples for tastings. I usually just make up mini batches of 3 flavors and then my family happily eats up the extras!LOL! But you are right, if I just freeze a small sample cake each time I make a popular flavor then I would always have samples on hand. Brill!


I'm going to be diving out of here now. I'll catch up when I get back on Sunday. I have to get up at 5am so I'm going to go try to make myself go to sleep now<G>



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BC wishes , I know the type . 


Well I just had a couple leave from a tasting and they want to come back next week and taste more flavours icon_confused.gif  Of course they are a couple of the flavours I don't have baked in the freezer ready to go. 


OH well I do have a couple of family birthdays coming up next week so they are not going to get to pick what they want . 

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I made a gift for a friend last weekend and dropped into her house..... on Thursday another friend asked me to make two more fairies so I am busy with that. 


My Goddaughter asked me to make horses so I have made two of those and baked some brownies and lemon drizzle cake this week too.

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After trying to ice bickies in 36C degree heat with 76 percent humidity last weekend I decided to have a rest and watch craftsy videos instead this week as we are expecting 36 today and tomorrow and low 35s for the following couple of days.

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We had 44 deg C yesterday, and 23 today!

Life's too short to make cake pops.
___________________________________ (come visit sometime!)


Life's too short to make cake pops.
___________________________________ (come visit sometime!)

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Sorry Cat, fell asleep. Floors were chocolate Kailua mud cake with chocolate ABC, coconut pound cake with seven minute frosting and caramel cake with Swiss buttercream and dulce de leche filling and topping.
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