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Best cake for carving

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I'm planning to tackle my first carved cake for my son's 3rd birthday - snoopy laying on top of his dog house. What is the best type of cake (and recipe!) for carving the dog house? It is a relatively simple shape and it won't be too big. (I want to do it as a topper and not a standalone cake.) Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Hi and Welcome to CC cakeformykids.  icon_biggrin.gif


Snoopy cake toppers (from the CC gallery):


Snoopy and dog house cakes:


Secrets of cake carving:


Everything you need to know to bake and decorate stacked/tiered/layer cakes:

(Includes frosting and cake recipes - and so much more.)


All CC cake extender and enhancer recipes:



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Thanks JanH for the warm welcome and helpful info!  I really appreciate you taking the time to post all those links!  I will check them out and post back here if I have any follow-up questions.  Thank you again!!!

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You're most welcome, cakeformykids.  icon_smile.gif

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Quick follow-up question... If I'm doing the dog house as a topper on a single layer cake, do I need to worry about supporting it in any way or is it too small / low to be an issue? Thanks!
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We don't know how large or how heavy the cake topper is.  But if in doubt, I would place it on either a fondant or b/c covered cake board or fondant/gumpast plaque (using dowels/straws for support, if necessary).



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