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Where in the uk are you from? I live in Devon. I agree that starting off with one layer, then two is a good idea, that's how I started off and I found that if you can crack one layer, then two, the principle is the same for how ever many tiers you try.
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Thanks Nina, i live in Scotland, scottish borders, will need to buy in some ingredients, i have found a few cake tins, think one is a 10" tin depth looks like 3" the rest are 8" tins depth about an inch lol.

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You can always do three layers to the 8 inch, but it would save you time when baking if you find the 3 inch depth or even 2 inch. I have always got mine off eBay, they are reasonable on price. In fact I get almost all my supplies off eBay, as I have found that cake supply shops are very expensive.
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Yes they are very expensive, asda is pretty good, also we have a baking shop in next village but she is very very expensive. So i need an 8inch tin that is 3" deep? when you make a cake out of that size, do you slice through it 3 times then you have 3 layers? Is that the way to do it? 

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You can do, I recently bought a Wilton cake leveller to cut evenly through cakes and level the tops, as they always come out domed. But the best way I have found to get your cake level and flat when it comes out of oven is to use a same size tin and gently push it on the cake holding it there for a while, when you lift it off it will be nice and flat a level. I tend to bake how ever many layers I need, which is always two. Not to keen on cutting them all in half, but it would save a lot of time if you baked one and cut it in two, but you would lose the height. If you bake two and sandwich them together you get the extra height.
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Thank you, sounds good idea about flattening the cake, will hopefully make a start tomorrow. 

Thank you for your help xxx

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Post a picture for me on here when you finished, and any other questions, I will try to help with. Good luck.
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Links to Wilton's tiered cake making & decorating help threads:


Illustrated how-to-cut level dowels by indydebi:


How to cut neat slices of tiered cakes:

(by indydebi)



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Thank you Nina i will do ,scrap doing it today, son is off school no feeling well, as soon as i have made it i will put a pic up on here.


Thank you Jan for the links, have bookmarked them off to have a read.



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You're most welcome Chris449842.  icon_biggrin.gif


Look forward to seeing pics of your creation!thumbs_up.gif

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Not had time to do the cake, but will do as soon as i can, promise you guys will be first to see the pic, is it easy to upload pics on here or do you need photobucket? xxxxx

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Not very good as kids moaning they wanted fed, so never had time to play, its not very good but its  my 2nd cake,icon_sad.gificon_sad.gif




cake.jpg 16k .jpg file
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Well done, it is lovely.

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I think it looks very nice!!! You did a great job!!!

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Originally Posted by denetteb View Post

Well done, it is lovely.

Thank you,  but i hate it lol, no vodka to make it nice and shiny and clean, the icing all ripped at seams after i put it on, and the flowers and just thrown on but never had time to play, maybe another day will play, got cookie cutters coming and flowerpaste, thank you xxx

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