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Stadium Cake

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has some tips/tricks on how to make a stadium cake. I want to try and attempt to make one for my brother for his birthday. I've looked through all the pictures on CC and I have some ideas but I was wondering if anyone who has done it has some helpful advice. 


Here is a picture of what the actual stadium looks like:







Thanks! :D

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that's kind of an unusual design for a stadium --


it's more dug out of the earth from this view anyway


rather than built up over the land it sits on


it's just a big sculpting adventure--be sure to use enough boards and dowel to hold everything up securely


and consider doubling the time you think you need to make it


but that collar that runs around the top and then it gets like an awning effect on one part


consider smushing that all together to be the top of the cake--with all cake under there holding it up then just fake out the seating to correspond


but if you wanna make that fit over like a big roof--used dried fondant is how i'd do it


i'd add cornstarch to fondant and make a big oval mold to hang it over--let it dry--i'd make it in a few sections--and it'd use the fondant so it still has a little give--some might suggest pastillage but i like a little flex--more forgiving

love me some cake buzzzzz


love me some cake buzzzzz


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Hi, igoogled and found several on youtube. CupadeeCakes is a member on c/c. She is great. YOu might p/m her and get more help. She has a blog with it also. hth

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