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My storage overhall!

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So after moving into a new house I realised how much cake decorating stuff I had and how much of it didn't fit in my toolboxes. So after 4 months of it all sitting in the spare room, I got off my bum and did a complete overhall.

This is my storage solutions before...


So I moved everything into the other spare room closest to the kitchen and bought a set of shelves, thinking that one set would be overkill, how wrong I was.


After that I went and bought another set of shelves, and some more tubs, 




The first shelf is mostly cutters, the white tubs are letters and numbers and the other one is all others that didn't fit anywhere else. 




In the black drawers are even more cutters! I don't remember buying so many!!



The second shelf is glitters, shimmers, colours, flavourings, sprinkles, fondant tools, candles, tips, cupplers and vodka... for uh decoration purposes of course!



The next one has piping bags, scrapers, oddes and ends, ribbon cutters, cupcake cases and business cards. 



Set up boards, cake boards, stencils, and ribbons. I am still after some way to organise my ribbons, I have so many and as you can see they are a bit of a mess. 




The next set of selves is more baking and edible stuff.


Like cupcake boxes, turntables, fondant buckets, chocolate and rolling pins.



... and off course kitchen aid accessories and tins. 



I even put some hooks in to hang my aprons and the bags I recently got made up.



I have kept my old tool boxes so that if I need to make cakes at my parents place, I can take stuff down with me. 



So that is my new cake room, I am also planning to set up a table with a backdrop so I can take photos of my cakes without pulling out the unironed pillowcases and sheets.


If anyone has any ideas on storage and organisation of cake decorating stuff, I would love to hear them!




Sweet Pea Cake Designs

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This might help for your ribbons, you are halfway there since you already have the basket. Maybe a couple of wooden cake dowels would be long enough?

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Oh that's a great idea!
I have some plastic dowels that are am awkward size that I don't think I'll ever use, maybe I could use them for that!

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