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Edible Printing Reviews and Ingredients

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I am hoping that those with experience can help me out.  I want to make my dd a special cake, and i guess using it as a great excuse to get toys....i have been thinking on this so long i have confused myself!


I am getting a Canon MG 532o for printing.  so I am looking for ink and icing sheets.  i have seen lost of posts on Icing images and a few from photofrost.  I have also seen some products on Amazon/Ebay.


I am hoping that everyone will weigh in with products they have tried, what they liked or did not like about them.  


Also, ingredient lists would be super helpful as my daughter has a corn allergy!  (corn is not considered a known 'allergen' and many ingredients can be derived from corn)  


I can also make Gum Paste from the recipe on Linda Mclures site - if i substitute simple syrup for the corn syrup.  but then nobody can eat it ;)  Thing is i don't see much for other people choosing this option....why?


Cost is a key factor here too! Thank you sharing!

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Just started playing with my new Canon 5320 - LOVE it!  I tried cheapo rice paper/wafer paper and liked the look for a copy of a Bible verse, bought a pack of assorted frosting sheets from Kopykake - kind of a medium quality, nice sheets for most applications and the elite ink cratridge set and premium sheets from icing images. I will be using those for my most important projects - gorgeous sheets.

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@Spuddysmom  where did you get the rice paper?  were you able to transfer it to a cake?

also, is there an ingredients list?  wondering if that might be the way to go with the corn allergy!  :)

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I got the rice paper at a local candy and cake supply store, but it must be available online. I Don't have any brand name to give you and there is no list of ingredients on the package I purchased.

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