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I have an order for a cake, the bride wants large and small orchids, I'm not sure which cutter sizes to order, also do I only need one type of veiner for different kinds of orchids? Does anyone know. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Wow! bakingIrene, you've been such great help Thank you. I have a veiner for one type of orchid, will it work for all types of orchids? Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much, such great help. Your awesome :)

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As someone that just learned about all the different types of orchids and how to make them, let me tell you, each one is totally different.  You should decide which orchids you want to make then show a photo to the client to make sure they will be what they want.  Moth orchids are super hard to make btw.  You wouldn't think so by looking at them, but man they are tricky.  


As for cutters and veiners, it depends on how botanically correct you want your orchids to be.  For example, I bought 3 different moth orchid cutters and veiners before I found the set that I love that make very natural looking flowers.  I bought them from Jennifer Dontz.  Only downside is they only make one size of flower which is a bummer.


If you want to make a purchase that is very versatile to make a lot of different flowers I love (with the backs, separate purchase).  I use this impression mat on several flowers I make.  Not 100% botanically correct but it's close enough, and any tool you can use for more then one purpose is a very good thing.  

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Thank you again, from now on your my flower "Go to" "Gal", happy baking.

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I mean Gals, thanks ladies.

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The cutter size actually depends on your needs.

I usually like small size of cutter.

And your veiners may be work for most of the orchids.

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