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my buttercream tastes too much like..butter

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I know it's odd since its called BUTTERCREAM.. but I don't feel like butter is very tasty... even with loads of sugar in it. now I could be doing something wrong, like maybe using the wrong kind of butter? but I want a frosting for my cake that doesn't taste to much like butter, I've tried American BC and SMBC.. both which tasted like sugary butter. I'm on a search for the perfect frosting for under fondant and over, does anyone have a recipe for what I'm looking for or any ideas not to make it taste like a wad of sugary butter?
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Equal parts butter and shortening is what I use it tastes great also use pure vanilla extract
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Also use milk to soften it up not water
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I've been wanting to try shortening but everyone always comments on how shortening has a bad mouthfeel, which I feel butter already has. I'm gonna try it either way to find out for my self, thank you
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i am curious as to how both abc and smbc both came out icky to you--do you mind giving the recipes??


you didn't melt the butter did you?


did you add a little salt in the american?


sounds like it's not enough vanilla


so what kind of butter is it?


was the smbc grainy or smooth???

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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the butter was a perfect room temperature, not melted at all. one problem might have been it was salted butter and the recipe called for unsalted. I put a good amount of vanilla and the SMBC came out smooth... but it felt greasy and a little hard, like it was cold or something. I did not however, switch the whisk for the paddle attachment when I added to butter to the sugary egg whites, I don't know if that could've affected it or why it even would.
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oh, and the recipe was a 1..2..3 SMBC recipe. 3 parts butter, 2 parts granulated sugar, and one part egg whites.and then add in vanilla and a pinch of salt
post #8 of 17 problem might have been it was salted butter and the recipe called for unsalted.........

In AC b'cream that shouold not really make a difference.  I interchange them all the time.


As K8 suggested it would help a whole lot if you posted the actual recipes used. 

"A goodly amount.." really doesn't tell us much :( What is a goodly amount to one might be 1 teaspoon but to another it could be 3 Tablespoons.

 For every 2#s of sugar in AC b'cream I use 2 cups of butter and 2 cups of Crisco along w/2Tablespoons of a combination of vanilla, almont and butter flavoring.  See how your answer doesn't help?    

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I didn't know the vanilla would make that much of a difference in it tasting so buttery, I put 1 TBL in the 1..2..3 recipe. 4 oz egg whites 8 oz white sugar, 12 oz butter, 1 TBL vanilla, pinch of salt
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Hon, everyone's taste buds are *different*!  What tastes salty or sweet or buttery to you might be just what I'm looking for :)

Flavoring is one thing anyone can play around with in most any recipe.  As I prefere a combination of 3 flavors you might want to use only vanilla.  Using a combo gives the icing a more complex taste and most people will enjoy it much better :)

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You might want to try different brands of butter, also. I found a few store brands of butter have a real strong artificial butter taste/smell.

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my favorite SMC is 10 whites to 6 cubes of butter.  (1.5 cups whites to 3 cups butter by volume,   12 oz whites to 24 oz butter by weight) so the ratio of whites to butter is 1:2.  Also, I agree with reading the ingredients on your butter.  Many have artificial flavoring which makes them more "buttery".  (and artificial colors that make them more yellow).  My favorite is Crystal butter (a California dairy - don"t know if it is widely available) but it has only one ingredient - pasteurized cream, and is very reasonably priced.  When a sweeter frosting is called for, I also really like the fluffy American buttercream that you can find in the recipe section.  It uses shortening and butter.  I use Hi-ratio shortening, so it is not gritty, and a lot less sugary than the traditional American buttercream.  

I'd rather be baking!
I'd rather be baking!
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Believe it or not when I first started i followed every recipe to the T! Later to find out unsalted butter and using my own taste buds was KEY!
I do not mesure anything i use tiny spoons to taste. And when the recipe is perfect to me voila! Trust me this works I've been known to have one of the best tasting cupcakes and cakes in my state.

Use coffee creamers for you're liquid, it taste delicious or whipping cream.
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You definitely have to use unsalted butter when making SMBC.  I use this recipe all the time and everyone loves it.

It does need more flavoring then the ABC.  If you taste it on its own you may still feel like it has a buttery taste but when you eat with the cake, it just tastes delicious.

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I'm a the store right now, I'm going to try an organic butter, because I do agree that some butters taste more " buttery " and im going to expirement all day until I get just what I'm looking for, thank you so much for all the advice, it means a lot
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