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Cake too oily? Please?

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Hello everyone,

I tried the vanilla cake from beyond buttercream formerly from scrath, SF


which is supposed to to be the best vanilla cake, and the cake became a disaster. The cake tastes lovely but it's just too oily that when you press the top oil comes out of it, and its also very heavy. Does anyone have a nice vanilla cake from scratch recipe(other that WASC cake?) please? I really don't know what to do? Or do you know why the cake became like this?


Many thanks

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I can't help you with your problem because I don't have the scientific or mathematical mind to experiment, but I ALWAYS make this cake as my go-to white/vanilla cake and have never had that problem.  Did you follow the directions completely as she wrote them?  Hopefully she'll come on and know what to do, but again, I've never had this problem and I follow the directions as she wrote them and weigh all the ingredients that need to be weighed.

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The measurements were exactly the same. The only difference was that I did the recipe triple! So all the measurements were multiplied by three!

It was not the first time I was making it. I always had the feeling that the cake tasted great but it was a but chewy!

Thanks for the reply!

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I may be wrong, but I think I read some where here on CC that when you double/triple recipes, it sometimes affects the leavening ingredient?  Hopefully someone who really knows will answer because now you have me curious.....

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