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Iced cupcakes - Advice please!

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Hi I am having a party for my 2 oldest sons in a couple of weeks and thought to do an iced cupcake in a bag for the kids to take home as the guest list is currently at 96 so would be a help to not have to make such a sizeable Birthday Cake and then cut and wrap and place in the bags on the spot!


Anyway as it is so many cupcakes I was going to bottle out and have a caterer provide them but as it will cost me £96 I was wondering if I could do it myself cheaper. Save the pennies :)


My question is, to make this many I was thinking after icing I would place immediately in the cellophane party bags I had in mind and wrap it all up with ribbon will this be adequate to keep them all fresh? I dont want to do it and then find out that all the cakes are stale! 


I am a single mum to 4 kids so interruptions galore, it would probably take me a while to get 100 done? How long do u think they would last wrapped up like that? 


Thanks x

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What kind of packaging will you be using? Something like this will work great and I think the cupcakes will last at least 2 days...
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i think they could last at the most for two days and still be great.


i kinda got carried away over thinking this for you--but it's what bakers do i guess


that's me anyhow icon_biggrin.gif


that's about 4 recipes or 4 box mixes of cupcakes--it sounds like a ton of work and time but it can go smoothly since you are advance planning


with the ability to mother 4 kids and plan a party for 100 i know you can do half of that at a time the three evenings before the party--and your kids are old enough to help maybe?


  • so have all shopping completed
  • have big plastic bags & containers to store ingredients so you can prepare them in advance
  • get all the containers ready to store 100 cupcakes, boxes, plastic containers
  • if you are transporting them prepare the car now
  • level the seat
  • clean out the trunk



so three to four days ahead:

  • make all icing and if you are going to pipe the icing on, even get the icing into piping bags
  • mise en place or prepare all your ingredients for the cakes--just don't combine everything yet
  • combine your ingredients to store in the most logical way
  • if you are creaming butter and sugar and beating in eggs--do that now--package it up in the frige in two packages of 50 cupcakes each
  • measure all the dry ingredients & store into 50 cupcake amounts
  • measure all the other wet ingredients & store into 50 cupcake pakgs
  • if you're doing box mixes, just store all the measured liquids measured & crack the eggs
  • get the kids to paper the cupcake pans & stack them up in a crisscross




two days ahead

  • bake 50 cuppies, ice them, store them altogether
  • place a slice of bread in each container--the bread will dry and the cupcakes will absorb the mosture --a little insurance there



one day ahead

  • bake the other half, ice them store them


day of

  • bag them up


Happy Birthday to YOU, sweetest 100 cupcake Mom ever!!! birthday.gif

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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Yes I thought so too, maybe pop a lollypop inside aswell or a pack of love hearts?


They will be in cellophane party bags, I saw a listing on Ebay for them relatively cheap.


Just the plain blue cello bags that come with a tie and then thought I would tie it with ribbon aswell? 

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Thanks thats great! Very detailed especially for someone who has only ever made about 48 max! I am a little daunted! Especially with the time it will take to decorate them! Eeek! 


Love the bread trick will definately do that!


Thanks x

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this is double work to tie then ribbon


idea is to use curling ribbon in the first place then you're only handling them all once and it looks pretty without actually making a bow


just a gentle curling ribbon will be pretty--no need to really take the time to curl it (where you swipe it with a straight edge) but if you do want it curly--do the strip of ribbon before tying it on--so you save half the effort.


once and done

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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If I were you, I would plan on having EVERYTHING done at least 24 hours before the party.


Use your flat iron to heat-seal the bags and be done with it. :D

~ Sherri
~ Sherri
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Easily doable make 2 dozen at a time that will allow you either 2 or 4 flavors after you have baked them all store them on racks or in plastic bags once cooled. Use a simple swirl method wvyour choice of color swirl let icing set and place in ti go container total project time 72 hrs 3 days lol
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i been thinking about this and i get plenty tired of handling 100 pieces of cake by the time i'm done


perhaps you could even get the party munchkins to place the cake in their own bag


if you ran out of time--no harm in that--a little wiggle room maybe for you


so you can err on the side of nice & fluffy fresh


i like to use an instant read thermometer too to see when they're done


hope it turns out great!

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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Fully iced cupcakes freeze beautifully (and thaw beautifully) in Sterilite modular 10G boxes (available at Wal-Mart).   I LOVE these things for that purpose:

~ Sherri
~ Sherri
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I don't have a suggestion for the OP, I just wanted to thank K8Memphis for your helpful suggestions! I have never made cupcakes in large portions before but have to make over 100 for next weekend, so your advice was helpful to me too, especially the day-by-day schedule of what to do when!!

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