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So I'm getting a deal for buying any 1 Craftsy class for $14.99 and I can't decide if I should get Modern Piping by Joshua or Advanced Fondant Techniques by Marina Sousa. I feel both will be a good help to me....any advice please?
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I love the craftsy classes.  I bought both.  Living in a country town it is so wonderful to have access to good teaching.

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Which of the two would you recommend?
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I have both and they are both brilliant. I think it depends on you and what you want learn, the modern piping has transferring stenciled designs onto a cake and then its pretty much all royal icing bar a few flowers and gum paste things, just painting the piped icing and planning the design (there is a lot of detail, i dont mean to make it sound like theres not much content because there is). The advanced fondant is all fondant like inlays and embossing etc (again more in it than I make it sound like). Both are great just different subjects.

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where are you able to get it for 14·99? I went to crafts and it says 29·99
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Thanks gemmal! I guess I'll go with Joshua's class...thank you!

Littlejewel, I get periodic emails from Craftsy with special offers, news etc icon_smile.gif
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I havent checked my email in a few days. for that price I . would take both.
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Thread Starter was $14.99 for your first class..... Worked on just 1 class so I got the piping one icon_smile.gif
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But do you realise, when you scroll a-l-l the way to the bottom of the Craftsy page that they've got FREE mini classes? Go check them out!

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Yes arlenej icon_smile.gif I got the buttercream and hand painted cakes classes for free!
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