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?? Favorites?? ~butter, chocolate, vanilla

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Hello fellow bakers! What is your favorite butter? Vanilla extract? Chocolate? Starch?
Please All, lets share what we know with each other icon_smile.gif
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I just mostly use grade AA the cheapest. Hey this ain't Pierre Herme's kwim. I do use the extra fat butter for caramels & toffee sometimes.


I use the Sam's Club brand unless I'm using vanilla pods


For eating I love Giradelli milk chocolate chips otherwise just a huge variety. I have one cake that takes 4 different types of chocolate and I've tried to tweak it and it just doesn't come out the same. I had to cobble all this different chocolate together one day for a test cake 'cause I didn't really have enough of one kind--I was testing out some spice combinations and wow it turned out great. If it ain't broke...


Favorite starch? --Potato Chips!!!! and Pomme frites!!!!

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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For chocolate I LOVE lindt chocolate bars they can be a bit spendy.. Recently I tried the knock off of lindt chocolate from Aldi it starts with a M? It was delicious!! Only 1.99 per bar com pair to 5.99 for the bars I use..

Butter- I love land o lakes brand.

Vanilla beans or Cub Foods vanilla icon_smile.gif.
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I only use french butter (President brand), belgian chocolate and madagascar bourbon pure vanilla extract or beans. For flour I use pillsbury. And I only use organic eggs. If I have to use oil for a recipe, I'll use grape-seed oil.  


These are the same ingredients that I would use for myself and my family. If I were buying a cake/dessert from elsewhere, I would expect the same quality ingredients in whatever I was purchasing- for taste, quality and health reasons.

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I like Trader Joe's brand of unsalted butter. It's less expensive than everything else I've found, and it tastes good. My favorite vanilla is Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon. For chocolate I use Nestle cocoa powder and Giradelli chocolate chips (sometimes I just use the regular Nestle chocolate chips although they aren't my favorite).

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