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How do I get the balloon on cake to "float"? - Page 3

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Thank you do much for your prompt reply! That helps. I was viewing the site on my phone so missed that there was a second page of comments. Duh! The styrofoam tip is a great idea to keep it light. I have to make it for next Saturday, so will let you know how it turns out. Also, how did you make the lace? I don't have access to all that sugar art stuff so it had to be either fondant or buttercream. Don't have access to any tools either & no time to order. icon_sad.gif Sorry. I know that's restricting it a lot. Please let me know how you did yours & maybe I can adapt. Thanks a ton again.
I'm new to CC, but the couple of times that I have posted, I have always got such helpful tips. Thank you to all the wonderful, helpful members! icon_smile.gif
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If you look at the picture it looks like an actual piece of cloth lace which is what I used. It may be sugarveil or a fondant mold, I don't have those either.

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Aah! Ok. Thank you so much punkin90.
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You are welcome - Good Luck with the cake!

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How did the elephant turn out? I need to make one for a friend next week. Thanks. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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The elephant was harder than I thought it was going to be. It is made from one piece of fondant/gumpaste. The trunk, tail and legs are not added and glued. They are all cut and shaped from one piece of fondant. It looks really simple. Use 50/50 fondant gumpaste mix. If you read the rest of the post, I got some great advice on the balloon. Good luck!
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Did you add any special support in the elephant trunk to hold the weight of the balloon? Any tips of what gauge of wire to use as the balloon string? Thanks again.
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I can't remember the gauge of the wire I used. I think it was suggested earlier in this thread. It was a while back when I made the cake. The cake in the picture is not mine. I was asked to make one like it. I thought the balloon was coming out of the elephant's trunk also. Until someone pointed out that the wire was actually hidden behind the elephant. If you look closely at the picture of the cake you can see the wire behind the elephant. I used an Styrofoam ball covered in fondant for the balloon so it would not be too heavy.

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Ok. Thanks. I'm going to try and have the balloon attached to the trunk. More work than I thought. Thanks for your help.
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I did a cake similar to this a few months ago.  It's not difficult.  I sculpted the elephant from fondant with tylose powder added.  Place it on the cake.  Then I sculpted the balloon out of fondant with tylose powder and stuck an 18 gauge wire into it.  Put a little water on the end of the wire before you stick it in the balloon, so it will stay put when it dries.  Stick the wire into a plastic coffee stirring straw, the length of the depth of the cake, and then stick that end into the top of the cake, behind the elephant's trunk.  Let the wire lean a little against the trunk, to give the right look.  Finished!

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I sculpted the elephant out of a single piece of fondant. For the balloon I used a table tennis ball covered with fondant & I think I had used a 20 gauge wire to attach it to the cake. I put the wire into the cake through the elephant's trunk. Hope this helps!
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Thank you. 


My plan so far is to put wire into the elephants trunk and extend into the body of the elephant. For the balloon I will use a styrofoam ball covered in fondant and attach a 20 gauge wire to it. Once the elephant hardens I will slide the wire around the trunk (I will probably guess at the circumference and wrap it around a small pencil to get a nice circle and then place on trunk). To support the elephant on top of the cake I will probably take a skewer down past the cake board as it will be sitting on the top tier. 

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