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Acrylic cupcake stand advice

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I am over the metal swirl Wilton cupcake stand!  I'm looking into an acrylic one.  I've found many, but prices range from $20 for a three tier to $200 for a 6 tier.  I am willing to spend a little money for a good sturdy one that can go from 3-6 tiers if posible.  Any suggestions before I buy would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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I love to make cake stands--just an idea to throw in the hat--you can purchase acrylic at the big box hardware stores and elsewhere I'm sure. It's a b-i-t-c-h to cut but you could build one that could be any size you want--and it could get re-arranged from small to large too.


If memory serves, cutting the acrylic was doable--drilling holes in it was %&*$%# you dont' wanna know.


In fact I had some acrylic pieces made once for shelving for my store. I just looked in the yellow pages till I found someone in my area to do custom acrylic work. I'd so do that if it was me.


Have a good time on your quest!!!

love me some cake buzzzzz


love me some cake buzzzzz


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Why only acrylic stands. You can also try cardboard stands. They come at much reasonable prices than the acrylic ones and they are also unbreakable.

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Here is something I have been eyeballing for awhile..It looks awesome and it is inexpensive.

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If you are having problems cutting acrylic just check with your local glass shop and they should be able to assist you.

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I am selling acrylic cupcake stand, you may call or txt me at 09336667296

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