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Want cake recipes for covering fondant..

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HI, I am veena.. I am a home baker..and now started to sell cakes. I would like to keep some recipes in hand. I have few sponge recipes and cakes but what is confusing me are the cakes which has to be covered with fondant. Could you guys please help with few best recipes of different flavors. I have heard pound cake,madeira cake mud cake are few cakes..which are best. Does anyone have good recipes for these as well as for a nice chocolate cake to get covered with fondant :) tnxicon_smile.gif

We don't get cake mixes would be helpful if you would give recipes made from the scratch.

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Where are you located? It is always advised that you should have a licensed inspected kitchen before starting to sell food.

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I live in India.. and  I am following all the formalities of license well. I have learnt to make cakes as well as following the rules of FSSAI .. that is related to food. tnx for the knowledge.

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All of the cake recipes you mentioned are good for fondant. Mud cake IS chocolate cake. 


For flavoured cake (lemon, orange, almond, spice) you want to have a basic recipe that has some milk in it.  Then you simply add the right flavouring to the milk.  I use pure oils that are pressed from lemon and orange peel and almonds, they are very strong and natural flavours.  For spices, you add mixed spices (cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg, ginger) to the flour. 


For all of these, the best cake is something like this recipe  You specifically do NOT use cake flour, just the regular flour that you use for naan.  Look at the ingredients list of this recipe, it has a button to covert to measuring by weight.  Use that system rather than your local volume measures.  This cake is excellent under fondant.


The way we decide is to ask the customer what kind of cake they want.

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Thank you for your suggestions and the recipe BakingIrene :) I will go through the recipe..tnx 

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