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How do I get a business license  

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Me again lol... I love in MN what's the process of getting a business license? Is there qualifications? Is it hard? How much does it cost aprox? I need to get one soon I'm just afraid of being turned down or something lol I'm a worry wart! I feel like I'm going to go and apply for one and be asked tons of questions I do not know.. I can make a good cake but as for business knowledge I'm clueless! What's your experience? Also tax I.D is it hard to get? Help pleas ..

I'm going to be renting a kitchen through my church, do they require me to have a business license and tax I.d in order to start renting there??? I'm not trying to trick the system I just do not make anything for cakes right now and am trying to step my game up! Thanks in advance!!
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Someone from MN will surely respond but in the meantime you could look that stuff up in your state's small business section on your MN website.

read the ingredient label


read the ingredient label


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Business licenses are usually issued through your municipal government and can be in the $50-100/year range. Call your city's licensing dept for the details.

Tax IDs are free, here is the link to register for a MN tax ID online:

Your church may or may not require a business license and/or liability insurance, you would need to ask them. Even if they don't require liability insurance you will definitely want to have it in place before you take your first order.

You'll also want to have a business plan ready to go before you sign the lease for the kitchen that includes a marketing strategy, pricing (based on both your costs and market value of your products), and projections of future profitability. If you need help setting this up, contact your local SCORE chapter for some free mentoring.
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The actual business license and tax ID are the about the easiest and cheapest pieces of the giant puzzle you are working on - don't worry! :)

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