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Another Price Question, but this one I have no idea where to start

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I got the attached picture from a bride asking for a quote for a end of Feb. wedding.  She is expecting 200 people.  I charge starting at $2.50 per serving for buttercream and $3.50 per serving for fondant.  I just have no idea where to start pricing out this flower cascade.  Also, this would definitely need extra structural support and more extensive set up, which I feel also warrants a charge, just not sure yet.  Any ideas?  How much would others charge?  I'm in the DC metro area, so prices here aren't cheap, but I'm not well known yet.



Cake Photo.JPG 111k .JPG file
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I suspect those are are real roses, because of the pile of matching flowers under the clear acrylic base plate.


I would also think that the square is NOT cake--maybe a cake holder, maybe a dummy tier.


So you can quote several prices: one for gumpaste flowers (using a proper hourly charge), and one without any flowers.  The bride would normally buy any fresh or silk flowers used, from wherever she likes.


Likewise, you can quote two prices for cake--one for five tiers and dummy, one for six tiers.  


Use the SPS support system price  (online), and get a quote for the custom acrylic base plate.


Setup is usually an hourly charge same as delivery.

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Thank you for the feedback.  Yeah, I thought they looked real too, but then she said she wanted them to be midnight blue instead of the purple.  I don't know a ton about flowers, so not even sure that's an option with real flowers.

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They ain't no sech t'ing as midnight blue roses...only hydrangeas come close to that deep shade of blue.


So the bride will have to use silk ones. Don't even try to make them out of would go crazy.  Make sure you spell this out in your quote and contract, that the bride is responsible for  purchasing the flowers and getting them in your hands two weeks before the wedding date.


You would then tape and wire them into short sections of garland. Standard floristry tape and technique. I would use one cake spike per tier to hold the cascade.

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Maybe roses, also kinda looks like peonies and peonies are toxic but they are so big and so full I'm thinking peonies. Maybe. I'm not a flower guru though.

love me some cake buzzzzz


love me some cake buzzzzz


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How many hours do you expect this cake will take you to create?

We made a similar cake a few years ago, the customer provided real roses at their expense. It was 4 tiers, 160 servings, and $6.25/serving. Total cost was about $1100 (this was in the SF bay area) not including the flowers.
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How many flowers would you say are on there?  75?

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More like 150.


I made a drape like this on two tiers, it took 40 roses.

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Oh and one more thing, does this look like each tier has two or three layers?

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Are you doing all the falderal or just the cake and cascade? The cake is a straight up stacked 5 tier with ribbon border. You could even get your bride to get her florist to do the cascade if you wanted. I'd advise the bride about the potential hazards using flowers because florists sometimes are not aware of this. Are you doing the plateau and the whole tablescape?

love me some cake buzzzzz


love me some cake buzzzzz


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To my eyeballs those tiers look like 4" high.  

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When we made this cake we put together the cascade ourselves with the flowers provided. No offense to florists but I wouldn't trust a florist to take the appropriate level of care to avoid damaging the cake.
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K8memphis:  We are literally just doing the cake and cascade. No plateau or tablescape, etc.  She said, she will do that.  


As jason_kraft mentioned, I'm hesitant to let someone else do the arranging for me with the real flowers, so I would want to do it myself and therefore should charge for the time, although not sure how long it would take.  I guess I would have to do it at the venue, the day of, so they are fresh,etc.


Jason_kraft:  You made this cake?  Nice job.  Do you remember how many flowers it took by any chance?

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My wife made the cake, she's the pastry chef and I handled the business side of the bakery. I did help with the setup, it took about 30 minutes to stack the cake at the venue and put the flowers on, we charge $60/hour for setup in 30 minute increments. I don't recall how many flowers we used, but the bride worked with the florist to make sure enough extra roses were at the venue for the cake.
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That cake is awful tall you might want to take a stepping stool with you to the venue so you can work on the top of the cake without s problem
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