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Pearl wrapped cake?

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I have a bride that has requested a cake that involves a middle tier wrapped completely in strands of pearls.  I have never tackled something like that...does anyone have a website with a tutorial on it or perhaps a book that it may have been covered in?

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I've never done it but I love the look, though I prefer the rows of pearls to be straight. I would use a pearl/bead mold, made from silicone and you get a string of pearls. Just make lots of them and glue them to the cake as you go (otherwise they will harden and break before you get them on the cake). When your tier is covered in pearls and they have dried a bit, use some pearl lustre dust over the whole thing.

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Like this one from Small Things Iced in the UK - click the link and its the 4th pic down, Vintage Pearl with Rose Wedding cake.

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The KS-7 Pearl Impression Mat by Sweet Expressions would be a good tool. You can find it at GSA for only $8.00. HTH!

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Make sure to only use paypal with GSA there have been lots of threads on here complaining about there credit card having all kinds of charges on there card after ordering from GSA
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