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Hey! I use to work in a cupcake bakery so I'm familiar with piping techniques, frostings, baking etc. lately my love for cupcakes is getting bigger, to the point I wanna make, decorate and sell as a side hobbie. Does anyone out there have some helpful tips to help me get this process going, it would be greatly appreciated!!icon_smile.gif
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Where are you located? In some areas you can sell cupcakes you make from home if you follow specific rules, but other areas require a commercial kitchen.
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I'm from NB Canada!
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Lol you caught Jason off guard he's busy reading up on NB Canada law right now
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I basically wanna just sell to family and friend and most of them said if they know of any friend or family in need of cupcakes they'd pass the word for me, I never plan to open a cupcake shop, this is just a hobbie id like to get into:)
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Right but depending on the laws where you live you might not be able to sell cupcakes to anyone even if it's just family and friends or word of mouth customers there are laws put in place prohibiting this at least in the US there is.
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Yeah, I understand what your saying.
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Jason should be able to tell you if you can sell from your home or not but you really stumped him with the Canada thing
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I'm not an expert on Canadian law, so if no one from NB posts your best bet is to contact whoever is responsible for food safety from your county or provincial government.
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Alright. Does anyone else have some tips?icon_smile.gif
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I used google (NB health retail food) to pull up your local regulations


So if you bake for family and friends, you can't set prices or ask to be paid.  


You can earn a food handlers certificate from a community college. It's $150 or so and good for 3 years.


But then there is the matter of having your premises certified as well.  Your local board of health inspects.


Yeah the revised rules suck.  I had to give up my nice little hobby-for-$$$ too.

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Alright sounds good! I'm signed up for courses beginning in January, pretty excited!
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