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Frosting cakes/sharp edges

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I am struggling trying to get sharp buttercream edges like this Picture from the link below ( all shapes). I've tried viva paper towels and the warm water effect. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help!
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Here is a video where she talks about the square or rectangle pans and not to buy the ones with the rounded corners. See below. I have the ones with the straight square corners. I also read where one person puts a flat piece of a Hershey bar on each corner under bottom of cakes before frosting cake so that the corners stand up perfectly.  Since I have started doing this my corners are crisp and look a lot better.

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The cakes have to be baked in pans with sharp corners, filled dead level and cut flat with a knife.


You have to apply a good 3/8 inch of buttercream because smoothing takes off a significant amount.  This will depend on the exact buttercream recipe you used.


You might find better success by using ganache instead of buttercream, because ganache is a more constant composition and more amenable to being cut flat with a heated metal bench scraper (dipped into boiling water).  Or you could make chocolate panels to apply for that final flat finish.


FYI the cake in the photo is fondant...don't feel bad.

post #4 of 7 and yes the cake in the picture you are showing is fondant that looks smoother than buttercream when done
post #5 of 7 this link goes thru if not go to and watch her tutorial on how to ice a buttercream cake.

Take note that she is using a bench scraper this tool is your best friend when it comes to getting a cake smooth along with the viva towel
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@remnant3333 ..... PLEAS give me more info/specifics about the Hershey bar. I don't quite understand what you mean.
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The below is where I got this from. Read 6th comment down from deliciousdesserts about putting chocolate down.  I tried this and it works for me.  You just put it in each corner to make corners stand up perfectly underneath the cake then you frost cake. Don't know if this works for fondant cake or not but it works when I do butter cream cakes.

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