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Shipping Charges

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For those of you who ship your decorated cookies as a business, which shipping fee/resource do you use that is reasonable to your customers? I have been using USPS flat rate med or large boxes and that is $11.00 or $15.00 per box. People get all excited and want to place an order until we discuss shipping. I have checked with UPS and they are higher. Just curious what everyone else does. Thank you for any and all comments.
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I've read a lot of Etsy sellers mention USPS as the mail service used...they are the cheapest and the boxes are free too.
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Those USPS  flat -rate packages hold a generous amount of cookies because you pack them by weight.  USPS is also RELIABLE.


In the past, I have found that postal services bend over backwards to get stuff delivered.


In contrast...I took a Fedex EXPRESS shipment to the outlet on December 4 and got a receipt.  I put in the company account # for all charges.  Fedec tracking showed it was stuck in customs on December 6, so I called Fedex on December 7 to find out if all the paperwork was OK.  They said the problem was not paperwork.


On December 13, they called me back and demanded two forms that I have never heard of...and the package was still sitting in customs.  I looked up one form from their website and the link took me to a garbage pdf.


So I emailed them and told them that their service was unacceptable and that my customer has been given the option of a different express service (meaning,m that Fedex would have to return that package to me).  Fortunately this is not a perishable item...but we normally ship by postal services and we never have this problem.

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you might also want to look into regional flat rate boxes. the cost is calculated by zip code and the rate goes up the farther away from the shipping zip that you get. even at the farthest distance away from me (i'm in southern California) it's still a dollar less than the regular flat rate box. I use the medium box and it takes up to five pounds. It also comes in a top opening version, which is perfect, because i can lay in the cookies, put in some shred and don't need a decorative box. 



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so i need to ship 2 tins of cookies to some of my family in pa i am sending 2 different boxes as the people they are going to live in different house its all going to the same zipcode i am using a medium size tin 24-30 cookies in each tin i want to overnight it as i am making the cookies on thursday and i want them there before xmas any one know if it will be under 20 for both boxes or am i looking at over 20 

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Overnight shipping is at least $40 a box.

one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
one baker's 'never ever do' is the next baker's 'i swear by this'
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If you did "Click N' Ship" through the USPS website, you get about an 11% discount off your shipment.  You not only save on shipping, but you also get free delivery confirmation if you complete your order online. I like USPS because their shipping boxes are free, and they even deliver boxes to your home address for no charge.

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