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Thank you very much for the tips I've been having such a hard time with photo's lately, if you have a chance can you take a look at my recent photo's I will try to add a link here, please let me know if the photo's look better then the older ones, I took some fabric, opened all windows, set up by a windo and took the photo's, I have to get a camera, I'm currently using my cell phone for photo's witch I'm sure is a big no no!
Desiray is my daughters name, mine is Annie.. i am changing my name to Unique Delights so there is not as much confusion.. As for my cakes, can I get some advice on rather there worthy of being 2.50 per serving... clearly I have low confidence with my work, as I've had so much negativity with clients.. oddly enough the clients that did pay 160.00 for a birthday cake and 550.00 for a wedding cake where total sweet hearts not a problem with them what so ever!! Hmmmmm lol!!!


See, those prices are much better! The people who push you to lower the price are usualyl the rudest and most ungrateful

"Taste your words before you feed them to people."
"Taste your words before you feed them to people."
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I just read this whole thread. Wondering what, if any, response that you have gotten from the bride?

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You know, there's demanding and then there's just plain *****y. Maybe she was rude because you're young and maybe she's just rude all the time. Chalk it up to lesson learned and move on. 


MY most demanding customer, in my bakery biz and my daycare biz, is my sister. She wants exactly what she wants, and if she's paying for it, I can understand her point of view (Sometimes I want to get all butthurt about it and then I complain to my dad about her). But I deal with her by being honest about what I can provide, charging the right price and following through with what I've promised. 


Once I've decided what I'm offering, and I'm sure that it's the right price and the best quality around, I just stand firm. Of course, there will always be some accommodations you can make to please a particular customer, but those accommodations shouldn't change the essential offering. 


Deciding who you are is, naturally, a dynamic process, and we can all improve as we grow, but where ever you are in that process, you have to believe in what you're doing or no one else will. It can be scary!! And you might find out that you're not the right vendor for every customer. You might even find out that this business isn't for you (I hope you won't). But I've found that if you try to change who you are for every customer or because you're afraid you won't be accepted (by charging too much or offering something different), you'll be unhappy and ultimately your customers will too. 


Good luck! 


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