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Overreacting bride?  

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.Please inform me if I am over reacting..
I met with a bride today, she wants a three tier wedding cake 10" 8" 6" and 100 cupcakes I am charging her 150.00 for all... I know this is a low price, but no one around here wants to buy anything expensive or from me at least. She also is getting a 2 tier bad man cake for 55.00 for December 23rd.

I scheduled a consultation for her wedding today with six different flavors to try. Everything's going fine I step out so her and her fiance can chat about the flavors, I come back she says they all taste amazing, but.... can you make the cake more moist?? She said she wants it light and fluffy, I then said yes of course but a wedding cake has to be dense to hold its structure.. she said okay but it needs to be moist and light/fluffy... I then agreed ( I use WASC) to make it more moist... we go on everything's great, she then says WOW your so young ( I'm 23 same age as her) we have a conversation for a few minutes.. she then says how much is the deposit for the batman cake ? I then said the deposit for both cakes will be 95.oo , her and her fiance look at each other and she says no I'm not booking my wedding cake I want to make sure your good at what you do first so ill just be paying for the bat man cake.. note i made all samples fresh and expected the bride to pay the deposit for her wedding so I did not charge for the sample platter, note I did tell her prior that if she did not want to book I will need 25.00 for platter.. well that was not paid :/.. I know not all brides book there wedding... she then starts asking me personal questions, she asked where do I get money from to make the cakes, I told her I was not comfortable with telling her that, she then says she wants to know if I have income and how do I afford everything.. I then said yes i have a stable income and changed the conversation.. I find that none of her business.. she then ask what race I am.. I then said we need to talk about your order and not personal things, she got upset.. ( I am black,white) not that it even matters... well I'm done venting lol!!!! Please some advice because at this point I do not even want to make this my business even though it is my passion! I get sooo many comments on my age and tons of dirty looks like people are uncomfortable with me.. I dress to par, and talk very professional with them, well I try lol I have no business bone in my body haha! If it helps I've been told I look like raven simon my whole life... I hate to even explain how I look but I'm getting very insecure in my business!! Note she also asked questions as if I don't really bake the items Ibake and decorate it was pretty awful!!! To be judged so much...
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Seriously, you would just be better off not taking this order and cutting her loose. You will hardly cover your costs for those prices. If you continue to offer cakes so cheaply, you will burn yourself out really fast. Not to mention that you do not need to explain yourself to anyone, and such personal questions are not necessary, welcome, or at all professional in a business meeting.

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First of all, you should have told her since she wasn't booking her wedding with you, the tasting would be $25.  And you would NOT be doing her batman cake.  As far as any personal questions, "This isn't the time or the place for those type of questions."  Your age and your race are not even up for discussion.  With any customer. Just say you're older than you look (dealing with this type of people will cause that).  Or simply ignore the questions that have no place in the discussion.


You're obviously very nice and you need to get over some of that.  Not saying you have to get snotty, but you need to give the impression that this is business and personal matters don't get discussed.  You also might consider dressing more as the professional baker - a nice apron or chef's coat.


This is your business, you're a professional and YOU direct the conversation. And don't let anyone get away with this type of nonsense again.  Good luck.

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This is why I LOVE cake central!! I just went from seriously thinking of giving up, to realizing I need to be a tid bit more firm with some of my customers that treat me this way.. thank you! As for pricing I seriously am known as the "cheap cake lady" and nothing I do is cheap, I spend hours like we all do and TLC into all of my work, plus the BEST ingredients. I feel over whelmed when I see that I made no profit at all and half the time feel taken advantage of, but I'm learning I am the one letting others take advantage of my kindness.
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What would make you create a cake for such a person?

1. Take a breath, get yourself together and tell her that you are booked. She and her fiance have already scammed you out of $25 worth of product, consider that a cheap price to pay in learning how to run a business. There is a lot of excellent advice on CC when it comes to running a business, learning to create a plan, write a contract, price a cake, etc. Take some time to do more research - consider it an investment in yourself. 

2. Next time someone asks you what race you are, tell them, "Human. what are you?" Don't let anyone take advantage of your youth by answering their weirdly personal questions. You do not owe them anything but a cake which they have paid for.

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Dear X,
After meeting with you and X on (insert day/date), I am afraid that I feel obliged to cancel your order. I don't think that I am the right baker for you, but wish you luck in finding someone who meets your needs. Please send me your bank details or mailing address so I can return your deposit.

Best regards,
Happy baker who just saved my sanity by avoiding any further caking relationship with you since you would probably say you hated the Batman cake and weren't going to order the wedding cake and cupcakes as a result.

Or something along those lines.
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"I am returning your deposit LESS the $25 for the tasting."

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Originally Posted by jgifford View Post

"I am returning your deposit LESS the $25 for the tasting."

Yes, don't you dare NOT get that $25!

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Birthday Cakes
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*Top 100 Designers in The USA, Brides Magazine, 2013*<---little ole' me!
Birthday Cakes
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Birthday Cakes
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Her deposit for the 55.00 deposit for the batman cake was only 20.00 so how would that work?
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If you told her prior to the appointment that she needed to pay for the tasting platter I would tell her the money she gave you was for that and that you had informed her of this before the tasting than I would cut her loose. Before you agree to another tasting I would tell them you want the $25 up front or at least have them sign something saying it will cost them $25 for the tasting platter
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No, don't send that to her, that's just between us! I would just return the $20 then, and chalk up the $25 hit to experience and to avoid having any more contact or discussions with her.
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Dear such and such there will be no refund being that I informed you that the tasting platter is $25 so I'm out $5 sorry but it seems that I am now booked on that day thank you blah blah blah
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Oh and you better make sure that she realizes that you won't be doing the batman cake
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Okay, I'm going to give you a lecture now...First of all, send the money back other than the $25 with a note explaining that after reflecting on your meeting, you aren't comfortable working with her, so you're returning the deposit minus the charge for the tasting and cancelling the order. Then do NOT respond to any more of her emails or calls. She'll call and try to push you into doing the cake because...YOU ARE CHARGING WAY TOO LITTLE AND BEING A SUCKER.


When you don't charge appropriately, you will get treated like this. There is NO SITUATION that makes it appropriate for someone to ask about your race (I'm just appalled at that one) but when you're charging what you're charging people ARE going to wonder how the heck you're making any money, which you aren't! If you charge less than Walmart you're not a business, you're a charity. Don't try to sell any more cakes until you figure out what an approprite salary for yourself is and what your real costs are. Then get a contract and present yourself like a professional with appropriate pricing and procedures and you won't get treated that way anymore.


If you're really at a total loss on where to start, look to see if there's a SCORE group anywhere near you. They're retired businesspeople who give advice to businesses that are starting. It sounds like you need some help, so get some before you get confronted by another jerk like that customer!

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I know I know I under price BIG TIME . I just feel like I will get zero business if I try to charge 120 for a birthday cake.. I guess me not having a store front, my age, possibly race really makes people not trust me and it hurts I am the most trust worthy person i know... I do have a contract from cake boss, order forms, getting a web site, renting a churches kitchen licenses ect.. trust me I have tried charging 2.75 per serving.. I got cussed out and all types of horrible remarks on how my prices are wayyyy to high and they will go to Walmart... I have my first vendor event coming up.. any tips on how to trigger more people who can afford these prices no problem? I mean seriously my cakes taste amazing!! I've been told by many many people... ill order a chef coat to wear to my meetings any other ideas on how to look or act the par? I am confident that. "Sound " professional... but then again I've had bad remarks on the way I type ect ect.. MN is so harsh I swear!!!!
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