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Flavoring and Extracts....?

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Hey ladies and gents!
Question..I typically rely on the usual suspects as far as flavoring goes...vanilla, almond, etc...but I've been hearing more about special flavorings with interesting names like from Lorann Oils, the Princess cake and cookie flavor...and heard another cutesy named flavor that was used in a popular buttercream recipe that I saw somewhere on CC not long ago... Anyways, any reviews or comments on these?
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I usually stick to the standards also..but have used Lorann oils/flavorings and really like them. When I make raspberry or strawberry filling, I always add a few drops of raspberry or strawberry Lorann oils to enhance the fruit flavor. I have used the Princess and wedding bouquet flavorings in buttercream but I'm not a huge fan of those flavors. I started making my own vanilla extract a year ago and will never go back to the store bought stuff. Don't get me wrong, the store bought is fine and many companies produce a great product, but I save SO much money by making it myself..and I find that the quality I produce is fine for my purposes.  

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If you have a Hobby Lobby near by they usually carry LorAnn flavors.  They were introduced as candy flavors yrs back and are usually *very* strong so if/whenyou use them start w/just one drop at a time to find how little you need :)

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To get an idea of the LorAnn flavours, buy a few in the dram size because that's not a lot of money.  Test them and see which ones you would buy in the ounce or four-ounce size.


I find that the LorAnn candy oils and all their ice cream flavours are the best; I think the emulsions are not nearly as good.  But that's my taste.


I think the basics like pineapple, coconut, pecan, creamy hazelnut, champagne, pistachio are excellent and they keep well enough to buy the economical ounce size.

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thanks ladies! i think i'll give them a try!

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