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fondant drapes?

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This wedding cake has, what looks like, fondant drapes going around each tier. I've done drapes before, but these look flat to the cake. How did they do this? Did they just roll the fondant real thin (and make the drape effect), flattened it out, then glue it to the cake? Also, does this cake look "pearlized" or is it the lighting? Here is a link to the pic..


Most drapes I see are kind of "puffy", like this one...

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Your top cake's maker probably used flowerpaste to get a very thin layer for the draped parts.  You do not normally flatten drapes--they flatten themselves when you are sticking them to the cake.  It is also probable that they had to form the drapes on parchment or plastic sheet to be able to wrap such thin stuff onto the cake, and that also helps to make it flatter.


The lower cake shows drapes that you would get by using cake fondant.  Just a different style, in addition to not being able to roll large pieces of cake fondant paper thin.


The top cake was probably then sprayed with pearlized edible spray paint. 

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