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Panels made of modeling chocolate drying time

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Waking up blurry-eyed from my last two projects this weekend, i'm already thinking about my next one. My brain can't stop.


My next project will be a baby crib cake. Yep, I'm getting more ambitious everyday. I want to make this even more interesting by using modeling chocolate for panels. Is this possible or am I insane. I did a google search, saw a bunch of paneled square cakes, but nothing so far for cribs. 


For those of you that have done paneling with modeling chocolate before, how long do the panels take to dry. Should 2-3 days be enough? Trying to map out a timeline for this cake. 

Thank you!

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The cakes can have modelling chocolate sides because the cake supports the chocolate.  


I may have misunderstood your idea, but...You will NOT have an easy time making a free standing object because modelling chocolate does not "dry" it just sort of hardens up like melted chocolate when it's chilled.


The sensible way to make a free standing baby crib is to melt candy melts and spread them 1/8' thick on a piece of parchment. Let them cool to room temperature.  Use paper patterns or cookie cutters to cut your pieces of that, and then chill to harden completely.  Let the chilled sheet come back to room temperature before you even think of trying to peel off the paper. This is to prevent cracking.


Then use warm melted candy melts in a small cone to stick together the parts. 

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Thanks! I'm thinking the first idea, have the cake as the bed and have the rails and sides stick to the side of the cake. I have some smalll pieces of modeling chocolate out now as an experiment to see how hard they will get. I'm wondering if it will get rock hard like gumpaste or just be firm. Not sure what stage of firm will be best to use. 

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