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I bought a battery-powered sifter from Amazon for $10. Worth every penny and then some. It sifts two pounds of powdered sugar in less than two minutes. My best cake purchase in a long time.

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Just did something fun for flavoring the MFF.  I used clear vanilla and Loran Marshmallow flavoring in a batch.  So it had the taste of marshmallow fondant with the structure and workability of glycerine fondant.

Might try that again.

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Well, I must be doing everything wrong lol. I've made both Michelle Fosters fondant and MMF and once I've wrapped it in plastic, then try to use it the next day it crumbles. I wanted to use it to cover a cake instead of using Satin Ice which is so expensive. I'm by no means a professional, just self taught but really love cakes and learning. The minute I tried to roll it out, it just crumbles no matter how much I knead it. Any tips?

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Ok going to make some MFF for a cake I need on the 4/12, how many days in advance can I make this. Trying really hard NOT to percradtinate.
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I've made some two weeks in advance before and it was still perfectly good.  Usually I aim for one week before I need it if that helps :)

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It certainly does, Great help, Thank You sooo much!
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