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Getting this silver color glaze?

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I want to get this silver shiny look on a helmet I'm making and this caker wrote that they used a silver fondant glaze -



What is that glaze and how can we make that? 


Any other tips on making it that steely silver color? Use Wilton silver spray? Thank you!

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Hi, sending a link. http://www.******************/foglco.html


I have the silver, gold and pearl, ONly used the silver once. Did not like it. You paint it on. Some like it. some don,t. I had rather airbrush it , if you have the airbrush, or even dilute the silver dust with everclear, etc. and paint it on. hth

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I see it wouldn,t show the source where to get it. Just google silver fondant glaze, You will see it. p/m the person that has this pic and they will tell you how they like it. I do this all the time , before i buy and go on with the project. hth

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Cover the cake in light grey fondant.  The silver is painted on with a mixture of silver luster dust and some sort of liquor.  I use vodka.  I used the same technique on a R2D2 cake (in my gallery).  I LOVE painting on fondant like this.  It turns out so shiny!

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I had to go back and read your post. fcakes, I thought i had answered you wrong. But i see, i didn,t . I thought i read that you said  the person that did this cake said she use the silver glaze, That is why i sent you the links about it and explained it to you. Yes, if you don,t use silver glaze, then use the silver dust diluted with the everclear, etc. And also. airbrush it with the silver airbrushing color. hth

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Thank you for the replies! Icer, yes I did ask about the glaze, but also how to get it silver....I'll try the airbrush as I have one.... Have to get the silver color for it icon_smile.gif
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