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Questions on Pink Champagne Cake

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I had an inquiry about making a Pink Champagne cake for a wedding. I have never made this before. Since I don't drink and have never tasted Champagne, how do I know what the cake is supposed to taste like? Does it taste like Champagne? Anyone suggest a good recipe for it?
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Start with asking your client what they expect.  "Pink champagne cake" was made really popular in the 50's, and was a vanilla cake brushed with rum, had a cream filling and pink buttercream.  No champagne in it it all.


I grew up eating "pink champagne cake" from my local bakery but it has zero champagne (or any booze for that matter) in it.  It was a vanilla sponge cake, some type of cream filling, a pink buttercream and white chocolate shavings.  The bakery has been making the exact same recipe since the 1940's.  I don't know if they ever actually made it with the rum, but they haven't since I've been born.


But I love the champers, so I make a champagne flavored cake - it has champagne in the batter and I soak it with a champagne simple syrup.  The cake itself is not sweet so I fill it with a rum pistachio mousse and top it with a white chocolate buttercream. 


So yeah, start with what your client expects.  Maybe they just want a white cake, cream filling and pink buttercream.

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I've made this recipe with good success.


I made it with moscato in place of champaign.  I also put a bit of pink food coloring in it just for good measure.  They were good.  I didn't make a full batch, just a half a batch. 

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