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Michaels cupcake baking wrapper Bad smell

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I just used the "Celebrate It " brand of cupcake liner from Michaels.  It smelled so bad after I baked in them!

It released a strong chemical type of odor...I will have to throw all 24 of the cupcakes away!


They were for my daughter's party tomorrow and looked cute, but how can Michaels sell such a terrible product.  I have baked for many years and never once had wrappers that released an odor like these from Michaels.


Did anyone else have this experience?  

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Yup - I've bought both the mini baking cups and the regular ones and both of them have that odor.  I don't buy them anymore - and that's sad because they have really cute ones.  I believe that it's the ink they use - the smell is not at all palatable.  Even if you bake in a plain wrapper and then put them into the printed ones, the smell permeates the area.  Ugh. 

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Just about everything made is now made in China.  There is no telling what they put or used to make those wrappers. It is good that you threw them away but terrible that they ruined your cupcakes. I can remember them using a whole lot of lead paint in kids toys that got recalled that were made in China.  The USA used to have pride in everything that was made here but not much is made here anymore and I doubt if there is any inspection teams over in China to inspect the stuff made.  Sorry you wasted all those cupcakes but it was smart of you not to take a chance on something that had a chemical smell.  The fumes could have definitely went into your cupcakes.  The FDA once again is not clearly doing their jobs because they should be inspecting the things that come over here.  I saw a thing on Costco on TV and the president of Costco said they test just about everything they sell in their company. He showed their place where they were testing toilet paper to see which toilet paper was the best and that is what they only sold was the best. Too bad our gov't doesn't do the same with all products coming in from China. I am thinking of getting a Costco card since I saw that tv show about Costco testing every single product they sell to make sure it is up to standards and the ones that fail they refuse to sell!!! I don't think Sam's does that.  /Mary

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Thanks for the reply Dani1081.


That is horrible!!  Besides the odor I also noticed that some of the ink from the wrapper leaked onto the cupcake pan...I am quite sure that there must be some long term health consequences from ingesting this. 


I am going to call Michaels on Monday and will write back on this post what they say.  But considering they are OK with selling such a product, my hopes are not high that they will remove this from the store or make a better product.

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I did not even notice until Remnant3333 mentioned it - but yes they are made in China!  

I am sure if they tested the dye on the wrappers they are using something that is not safe to ingest.  It cannot be normal to have such a putrid chemical smell coming from an edible item.

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Yeah I noticed that weird chemical smell. What a waste.

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I bought the same kind of cupcake papers because they are so fancy.... they SMELLED horrible...I almost used them but changed my mind. I am so glad I did. I actually have tried purchase the decorative ones from multiple place and I have had the same problem...any store with the word dollar and family...its to bad because they are so nice

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yes...same place...

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Yes.  I bought pink and white poka dot ones at Michael's.  They had a mildew-type smell, but I used them because I was ready to pour the batter and hadn't any others.  It was a big mistake. The smell affected the cupcakes and, as Happybaker2 reported, they stained my cupcake pans. That was alarming because that means the ink for sure also was getting into my cupcakes as well. Ugh, what a waste.  Michael's needs to drop this product fast.

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I bought pink and white polka dot cupcake liners from Michael's and they smelled awful.  They smelled like mildew to me.  I did not open the package to discover this until I was ready to pour the batter -- and I had no other liners. I should not have used them. They affected the cupcake's taste and, as Happybaker 2 reported, they stained my cupcake pans pink.  If the metal pans absorbed the liners' ink, then certainly the cupcakes did as well.  This can't be good.  I had to throw the rest of the liners out. This was very disappointing because they cost more because they look good, but they aren't usable.  Michael's needs to drop this line of cupcake wrapper, and fast!

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Wow, how did I not see this when it was posted.  I guess it's because I rarely do cupcakes so I don't frequent this forum.  I bought the foil liners from Michael's, I think in red, and they smelled horrible.  It was a very strong glue-type smell. 


Irene is right-if it says "Made in China," I pass immediately.  I use Reynold's baking cups, which I'm pretty sure are made in the USA.

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I didn't notice anything like that with the one kind I bought. In fact I just smelled the few I have left over and it seems fine. But I won't be getting anymore now.
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