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Wedding cake tasting

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I just started a side business in cake making and I have my first cake tasting with a bride next weekend. I was wondering what the easiest way to go about a tasting is... I don't want to make a full cake and cut a slice out, is there any other options that anyone recommends to do a tasting? I thought about making a cupcake but didn't know if that was dumb.. I want it to look professional. Thank you
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Why don't you make a whole cake, cut into pieces and freeze for future tastings? That way you won't waste the entire cake.
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Use a 4" pan.
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I've been doing cakes for a while now and have just had my first request for a cake tasting, I don't think that making cupcakes as a taster for a client is at all unprofessional and I will be doing the same for my tasting on Sunday.

I don't like the idea of freezing a cake for future use and I have to make 2 different flavored cakes so cupcakes work best I think, unless you are doing large volumes of cakes every week?

I do between 4-6 large cakes per month and loads of cupcakes and this is the first time someone has asked to taste my cake beforehand icon_smile.gif

Good luck, I'm sure your clients will love your cake
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I try to do tasting on the same week I am actually baking. So they will get whatever flavor I might have for that week. So it is actually fresh. Of course i always ask what flavor they don't like at all, and try to stay away from that one. I bake 4" cakes only 2 or 3 with different fillings. I get nice cute boxes for lil cakes so they can try cakes at home. Never in front of me. That is a free consultation and tasting. But I am thinking to start charging something. It is still work and time, that shouldn't be for free.
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I just make some extra of whatever I'm baking that week so that I don't have to freeze anything.
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I conducted cake tastings in my home for a while, and without fail the appointments would go from the scheduled 45 minuted to two hours or more. It just became a problem. Now I assemble a tasting "Kit" for the B&G to take with them after the consultation to enjoy, pressure free, at their leisure. It works great for me because of the time factor, and the couple doesn't feel hovered over. I've had nothing but positive feedback plus it's fun to see the brides face when I hand her the gift bag with all the goodies in it!  

I have tiny pans that I bake little cakes in at the same time I'm baking to fill orders  There's always extra batter so rather than waste, I make my tasting samples from them and freeze them. Makes putting together my tasting kits a snap because the little cakes are always there. I also make a "go to" buttercream that I can convert into a dozen or so fillings by adding a different ingredient for each. A great product I use for pre assembling the cake samples is Safe T Fresh containers. Once the cake is in the lid locks shut and can only be opened by tearing the plastic seal off. I can put pre cut slices in each container and freeze. Condiment cups for the fillings. Make a bunch of them up, grab and go. Convenient and inexpensive!

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I bake any left over batter I have (even it is only for a 5" round), allow the cake to completely cool, slice the cake into large bit size pieces and then freeze.  This method has worked great for me to years.  Any samples still in my freezer after 3 months get pitched.  I have never had anyone ask if the cake had been frozen, because you can't tell if you do it properly.


I offer 5 - 6 cake flavors and 6-8 fillings + buttercream depending on what I have made that week.  People love the options and the ability to mix and match cakes and fillings.


I take the cake out of the freezer about 45 minutes before the consultation and put them in little jello shot containers.  I put those on a nice platter and cover with saran wrap.  This way if the bride is a little late the samples are not dry.

"who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?"
"who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?"
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