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Sentimental...Maple Bacon Cupcake...Help!

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Hello all,


I was wondering if by chance anyone has a go to recipe for maple bacon cupcakes that they are willing to share with me either through this forum or through a PM. About a year ago my husband and I tasted these cupcakes from a local cupcake shop and they were amazing! As we sat there and enjoyed these cupcakes I also gave him the news that after trying to conceive for the last 6 years we were finally pregnant! 


Well our anniversary and my son's birthday is coming up and since this was a great day for us and he enjoyed those cupcakes so much I figured I would just go buy some them from that shop but to my surprise they are no longer in business.


So now I am on a mission to create these cupcakes that have a special meaning to us! I have tried recipes I found online and in a forum here on CC but haven't had any success yet at finding one that resembles the one we had.


I remember the actual cupcake did not contain bacon. It was more of just a maple flavored cupcake. I remember the bacon just piled on top of the buttercream which also was maple flavored but that's about it! PLEASE HELP! Thank you.  

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This is the recipe I made the last time:


I liked it better than the one I used previously.  It's a good mapley cake.  I made it with half real maple syrup and half pancake syrup just to keep the cost down.  I used a maple buttercream with it and put bacon pieces on top.  It got rave reviews. 

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Hi, i have saved a recipe , but have not made them . Sending you the link .

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Thank you ladies for responding. Unfortunately, I didn't get to test out any of the recipes since we spent our anniversary at the emergency room with our son! But I do appreciate the responses and as soon as I get some time I do intend to try out these recipes.

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Hope he is on the mend.  Hospitals are never pleasant places when your loved ones are involved.

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He is doing much better. Well he started off with a cold and ended up with pneumonia, the weather where we live has been crazy! One day is 74 degrees and the next day it's in the low 30's. But thankfully with the help of some antibiotics he is back to his cheery self!

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