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need some packaging help

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so i have to make 36 cupcakes for my brothers rehearsal dinner tomorrow  ( Thursday) i got individual cupcake boxes with inserts that i am going to put the cupcakes in. and then wrap some curler ribbon around it. 


i have a few issues that  i need some help with 


i use a marshmallow based buttercream its a good piping cream but not high temp


2 cups of powder sugar,

2 sticks of unsalted butter

one 7 oz jar of marshmallow fluff

and some vanilla extract


i will have to double the recipe as it will not be enough to pipe on all my cupcakes


all of my previous cupcake orders i used 12-24 count box and stored them in the fridge so the frosting would firm up a bit and not be so soft 


do you recommend i put all these boxes in the fridge? or should i just leave them on cookie sheets in the fridge until i am ready to box them. i originally wanted to box them right away but not sure. its cold out where i live ( new England) so i will keep the heat almost off in the kitchen where i will be storing them until transport



my other issue is how will i get all these boxes in my car and to the restaurant should i place them in a cardboard box for easy transport?

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Pack them all up in boxes and put them right in the car now.  If they freeze a little it won't matter.  Bring them in to the venue when you get there.  They will all be up to temp in less than a half hour.  Temps here in the northest are right around freezing, so the car is a perfect place to store them.

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